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    Welcome to Thassos accommodation page. If you are looking for Thassos island look no further, as this page provides you with an easy to use interface and the best locations to rent during your vacation. This is a quality guide for any kind of room one needs on the island.

    All apartments, found on this site have our full endorsement. We methodically and systematically review various new places to stay and present them to you if they have passed our quality control. We are sure you want to fully enjoy your holiday while we offer you the most functional villas for any taste.

    Please remember that the booking offers come in various sizes and shapes. For example you can take bookings in the form of : resorts, hotels, villas , studios , bungalows, rooms and finally apartments.

    Different buildings differ in how large they are, so the same place in a room, studio or apartment can vary depending of the staying location.

    If you book your vacation via a respectable guide or information site then you can expect no bad surprises. My advice is to check a forum and other resources on the internet about a specific unit.

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Good to know…

    Greece is a travel destination increasingly sought-after by international tourists. To achieve a successful stay you must carefully study the available Thassos island accommodation offers. You can be book an exclusive villa or villas with several apartments and rooms. The rooms and apartments in villas and hostels are very comfortable. The main difference between a room or apartment in a hotel and a room or apartment in a villa is represented by the lack of a kitchenette in the former. Hence, there is a distinct advantage for staying in a villa apartment, which is the ideal solution for enjoying a terrific holiday. To successfully plan and embark on your vacation it is best to study a forum about the island and to devise a route map before coming here. Moreover, study which routes you can follow once you’re on the island, in order to discover all of its beauties.

    Thassos accommodation offers for cultural events that are set to be organized in the future can be studied in advance. To book a holiday this year it is best to check if the offers from previous years for villas and hotels are still standing in 2018. Numerous villas, apartments and rooms have been erected in order to ensure your stay. Therefore our offers, be they in exclusive villas, apartments or rooms, are situated as new as possible locations, some of them nearing completion as we write. On this website you will find offers for Easter 2020. Considering all of the above-mentioned information, Thassos island accommodation is a travel destination that you will certainly not forget!

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